The best places for a walk in London

We all know that London is the capital city of England. It is the seat of the Commonwealth head, the Queen of England. It stand on River Thames. It is a leading global city in arts, businesses, education, health, transport, media, research and obviously tourism. Its airport Heathrow is the busiest in terms of passenger traffic in the world. Here is a review of the best parks and walks in the city. Visiting this places must be one of the ten things for you to do while in London.

2The Hyde Park

They say it is a royal park well it is picnic perfect too. The park is expansive covering 350 acres. Key is its central location. It is the home to a famous landmarks involving the Serpentine Lake, Speakers Corner and also the Diana Princess of the Wales Memorial Park. There is a lake and rose gardens and a meadow. Swimming, horse riding, skating and cycling are some of the recreational activities offered here.

The Regents Park

Designed by a renowned architect by the name of John Nash back in 1811 the park has a stunning rose gardens and is a home to the largest outdoor sports area in London. Wild birds and waterfowl at Primrose Hill. It also houses the Open Air Theatre and London Zoo.
St James Park

The oldest of the capital city’s royal parks it is surrounded by the three Royal Palaces making it to be at the center heart of ceremonial has a lake that houses its famous pelicans. Countless ceremonial parade takes place in its Horse Guards Parade so are beauty pageants.
Greenwich Park

The park offers spectacular view of river Thames, The Isle of Dogs and the city at large. Splitting the city the river ends as an estuary. A small herd of Red deer and Fallow live here. For this reason it was a former hunting park. One of the three start for London Marathon is in the Park.

The Thames Path

Starts from Hampton Court to Albert Bridge. The court palace gardens are finely trimmed. You meet the Kew gardens and the Petersham Meadows. If you want a proper trek it is the place for you.

The Southbank Stroll

There is something about this walk at sunset. It is a romantic stroll along a riverside. You got to pass through South Bank Centre, the globe, the London Eye then Tate Modern. It is a beehive by day but turns quiet in the evening.

Legal London Walk

Runs from the Strand to Fleet Street. Here you focus on architecture. Along you get the Royal Courts of Justice, Middle Temple and Inner Temple. For news lovers you meet the former Daily Telegraph Building.

These are just a few of the numerous breathtaking parks and magnificent walks that abound in London. If you are the perfect tourist London is the city to be in terms of parks. Other attractions such as museums, galleries, palaces and towers are all there for you! Charges are nothing you won’t get lost. Step out and let’s tour London dude.

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